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Stem Cells for Multiple Sclerosis: Diana’s Success Story


Diana Naklicki Myers has gone through 20 years, facing misdiagnosed Multiple Sclerosis, worsening symptoms, multiple drug therapies and treatments, and a series of expensive and side effect-laden symptoms that progressively worsened, improved, and worsened.

Deeply discouraged by her medical care, Diana, like many chronic autoimmune disease patients, actively became her own health advocate, exploring options.  Pouring through research, Diana found reference to Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) treatment as an option for MS.

Pushing further, Diana found research references to Dr. David Borenstein, at the New York Stem Cell Treatment Center.  During a telephone consult, Dr. Borenstein and Diana discussed the effects of the drugs she was currently taking. Working with Dr. Borenstein, Diana was weaned off all her medications except for a prescription of LDN.

Within one week, Diana experienced significant improvement, was able to go from her walker back to a cane, and was released by her physical therapist with exercises to do at home.  After these improvements, Diana and Dr. Borenstein discussed the potential of experimental autologous stem cell therapy offered through Dr. Borenstein, and wanted to give it a try.

Diana underwent an autologous stem cell treatment with Dr. Borenstein at the New York Stem Cell Treatment Center in May of 2015. On arriving at Dr. Borenstein’s Manhattan office, Diana received a thorough assessment, and a detailed explanation of the treatment from Dr. Borenstein.  The next day, Diana and her husband returned to the office for the actual procedure.

Diana describes the procedure as pretty simple. Dr. Borenstein performed a mini-liposuction procedure on the skin just around her waist.  During that time, Dr. Borenstein harvested Diana’s own adipose, or fat, cells.  While the procedure caused slight bruising, according to Diana, it involved little discomfort.

Processed for approximately 90 minutes, Diana’s own stem cells were then reintroduced into her body. Altogether, Diana said the procedure took about three to four hours. She and her husband were on their way out, and headed off to enjoy dinner with family in New York City.

During the drive to dinner, Diana was surprised to notice immediate changes that she had not expected.  Her vision, which had been deteriorating over the past 15 years, began to change. Diana describes it as like “a tunnel just opened up.”  Not only did she notice a sharply widened range of vision, Diana began to experience vibrant colors as the couple drove to her mother-in-law’s house.

Though excited, Diana wondered if brushing her teeth that evening would be as painful as always.  Happily for Diana—her neuralgia was not triggered again that night, and that debilitating symptom disappeared after treatment.

Now, in July of 2015, Diana is two months post her stem cell process. In the thick of home improvement projects she had been unable to complete for years, Diana recently mowed her lawn for the first time in over a decade.

Finally finding the care and concern she had sought in a healthcare specialist, Diana describes Dr. Borenstein as “amazing beyond limits.”  Diana and Dr. Borenstein stay in touch on a weekly basis, with phone calls or texts.

In just a few months, Diana has naturally shed 25 pounds because she is able to “do things now.”  The walker and rhinestone-decorated cane are in the attic, where Diana hopes they stay for along time.

Grateful to her family and her faith, Diana places her husband first for the unfailing help and support he has given her. After family, Diana credits Dr. Borenstein, because “he is willing to look outside the box to make you feel better, not make you go away.”

As Diana says, in her life, she did everything right. She ate the right foods, took care of herself—and she still got MS.  Although she realizes she may not have the life of a perfectly healthy 40-year old woman, she is grateful for some security that, “from here to there, I can do it!

Read Diana’s full story here.  To learn more about autologous stem cell transplants, visit David Borenstein’s New York Stem Cell Treatment Center website.